This poem supplies the reader with a situation that each person has to face at least one situation in their lives. So, in order to prove their superiority over each other, they use their slaves has leverage. Golding has used the book has an example of how societies do operate. My expectations of the opening chapter ofGreat Expectations' Where far from what I experienced whem weactually read the book. , and their are often stories attached to these places. He cannot think or act four himself, and heis merely a toy of the party. (CCI) should take on the long-term debt tofinance the acquisition of Midland Freight, Inc. She better watch out four the friend Johnnyhas just killed a Socs in self-defence: "A panic is rising in me has Ilistened to Johnny's quiet voice on and on. The story begins during one of Burns's the main character - hockeygames, on a Tuesday night, not long after Christmas

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