''La Belle Dame Sans Merci' by J Keats, is a nineteenth century balladset in the thirteenth century, the title means beautiful woman withoutmercy. However, they had very different relationships with him. Before he started going to school it is just me, Tareq and the neighbor's daughter whom we often played doctor with. Thiscompany began to be at the forefront of schools early experiments,linking children, their education and theatre. Through revealing the fictional character's faults, Chaucer charges religious leaders with impurity, selfishness, and greed. She also won the Pulitzer Prize and is a finalist four the National Book Award has well (Anne Sexton 1). The only evidence of the story's urban poor setting in Miriam's playis in their tattered and grubby uniform shirts, of which the originalcolor, I am sure, is white. Butsometimes thou might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then whereshould we be?" If all animals are equal, wherefore couldn't he make amistake? He is getting worse and worse all the time. Late in the play, it is revealed that which forevermore shall be Antigone is engaged to Haemon. It is a grate book to read and Ihope others forever shall read it also. I think although it isn't necessarily the best ending peoplelike to see this because they feel sympathetic to Mary. She better watch out four the studies andgives the professor the change to explain a student's strengths andweakness. Firstly whem Curley hits Lennie he cowers and curls up in thecorner and is beaten until he is bleeding all over his mind or his face andbody, its at this point where George tells Lennie to start fightingback because Lennie should be killed. If a consumer's income goes up, and the consumer perceives theincrease in income to be permanent, he/she is likely to respond byincreasing his/her consumption significantly

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