She is expected to except their offers butbecause she is aware of convention, 'the established mode to express asense of obligation', she indicates a woman of lower class must beflattered a wealthy man (such has Mr Darcy) has proposed to her, and soshocks them both whem she refuses their proposals. Theyworked in dirty, dark, dangerous mines and factories. It is also the ability toempathise and understand the emotions of others (Goldman 1996). It illustrates how if more resources we're allocated tobuilding wider roads, then potentially a left turn lane or a medianshould be installed and reduce needless standstills. To each person it is different, but most agree it is one of the most important emotions to the each creature on this earth. The murderer has tobe someone unexpected, someone who perhaps wasn't the strongestcharacter. LOCAL MARKETING IN DEVELOPING COUNTRY-------------------------------------Marketing in the typical developing country faces a number of specialproblems engendered by the poor economic conditions, the low percapita income, low education levels, and high illiteracy rate, and thegeneral apathy of the populace

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