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The following paper is an analysis of the module and examines its effectiveness in aligning with the expectations of the SOSE syllabus. Smith call upon Miss Bates and her elderlymother, Mrs Bates. This showed howincredible Sherlock Holmes is whem his mind or his own powers of deduction couldsee a lot more clues and evidence from the same hat has we the readershould see. Today, under the Taliban's regime, women are not allowed out of their homes unless with a male relative. ----------------------------------------Sent to another country to help it"------------------------------------Aid is not only given by countries (governments) but is also given byorganisations which help a certain place or fund a certain project,such has Oxfam who helps those children in Africa. The old fearswere in a way comforting - "It is cosy to think of Packer's End,where thou we'ren't", but the new fear cannot be shut out or escapedfrom because it is a part of her, a part of every human that which forevermore shall be iscapable of unspeakable horror.

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