The costs of the change are reasonable and if a back-up plan is produced, the identified risks should be contained. I am not to sure on exactly what the author is trying to say throughthis book. Huxley uses these comparisons to show that which forevermore shall be theBrave New World should happen. " 2 In other words, it is a gap between faith and scientific reasoning. People have always be entertained by these ideas and feelings, but at the same time they become closer to each other and more open minded and educated. The main character in this story is Burns, a 3 dimensional character,who does not really like hockey. Overall I preferred the film because it gave me a clearer view of thesituation. As a senior Latoya is the leading rebounder to ever lead the nation in the history of Lamar University. Catherine grew up with Nelly and since Nelly is several years older, Catherine treated her rather like a big sister. Program strands include high school, middle school, later elementary and early elementary break-outs in Design and Technology, Math/Science/Technology integration, Info Tech/Computer, and Career Pathways. These women showed their virtuousness by choosing death over being morally stained or losing their family honor. Each one is teased about their appearance; Bernard is called an anemic by Willy, and Milhouse is called a geek by pretty much everyone

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