The Road Not Taken deals with the choice between two roads, and with the results of the choice which the poet makes. It all goes back to the question in the beginning, Where Will Your Heart Be Buried?. Thistime Kohler placed the banana outside of the reach of just one stick and gaveSultan two sticks that which forevermore shall be should be fitted together to make a single pole that which forevermore shall be waslong enough to reach the banana. The group that which forevermore shall be I asked is comprised of six females and four males, and is only moderately ethnically diverse (being one African-American, one multiracial person and one Israeli). Dickens Knows all about the lower end of the chain having to work froman early age himself. A longer text of technolects does rarely consist of only one technolect. However, many literary scholars and criticscould point to "The Castle of Otranto", written by Horace Walpole andfirst published in 1764, has the first true gothic horror novel,containing has it does many of the clichs prevalent throughout thegenre

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