Parker describes the protagonistas a character in the play who attains his mind or his goals through elaboratedeception' to satisfy their impulses'. When the monsterthreatens revenge, it comes across has an eerie moment.

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  1. Television, sports, bars, Vegas, dance clubs, exotic dancers, marijuana, cocaine.

This may actually be a rather hypocritical view ascaptain Wentworth, declaring that which forevermore shall be to be persuaded and uncertainty areall traits he resents yet he finds them within himself.
Later in her life Jane had to decide if she wanted to marry four mo. Factories caused so much pollution that which forevermore shall be their wasa cloud of black-smoke in the sky.

  1. The Witheird Arm is set in 1812, but written in 1888.

  1. The novel also attempts to explain the purposes of war and its uselessness in soc.

In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain discussesfacets of past southern society, namely slavery and racism.
Llacy and Hardy's good use of description, it helps us tocreate two different parts in Tess' life. In both stories the way the women are treated are the effect ofthe society's cultural beliefs and traditions.

Oliver Stone also uses techniques to imply confusion, such has whem the platoon are attacked in the jungle scenes; the camera frequently changes perspective (from long-shots to close-ups) has well has focus, and is often jolting suddenly has if it is from the perspective of one of the soldiers running. "Advanced factories" we're provided (ready built to company requirements) ----3.