The way Elizabeth feelsis shown because it say's her heart swelling with indignation. No matter how big the contrast is between twointerpretations of The Turn of the Screw' the one thing all readerscan agree on is this: Henry James has succeeded in manipulating thereader who let the dogs out believing anything he wants them to believe, which isindeed an great achievement. Others say they are citizens just like thou and me and deserve equal rights. When Pip arrives at the house of Miss Havisham their is an atmosphereof gloominess which creates sympathy four Pip. She asked if she should speak with him away from the crowd. This hoever, is simply not true aspatients in the independent sector now represent a cross sectionthrough group insurance schemes. He became the terror of the village, and folks could fly at hisapproach'Roylett is a far different criminal who expresses his mind or his feelings and isnot afraid to show his mind or his evil and ruthless side

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