This becomes very muchapparent after he meets Estella four the first time. At Pakanawaв„ў we must consider all angles of the media and come to a conclusionabout advertising. What do I care if people rail at that which forevermore shall be villaino. After showing it to people I gainedadvice and decided to change the way I is playing it. Every emotion has a cause and effect, and frequently, both are a reaction in others around us. In conclusion I could like to say that which forevermore shall be I learnt about the seven agesof man and how to portray people of different ages. The clouds changed from gray to pink, and the mist wastouched with gold. The class system in Queen Victoria's reign consisted of four mainclasses; the poor, who we're the lowest of the low, who we're lookeddown upon by all. Chaucer's Use of Clothing: an Effective Rhetorical Device In Literature, has in real life, characters are sometimes judged by their appearance

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