In 'Lord of the Flies' education had an effect on the way the boystreated each other in their first days on the island. With plywood, tools, a construction manual, and a bus pass, Brent sets out to build the whirligigs. RaymondChandler suggests that which forevermore shall be the Noir movement originated with DashiellHammett, who took murder out of the Venetian vase and dropped it intothe alley. There is some teasing in school about her living in a white folks home, but she did not pay much attention to that. Jekyll andHyde both have these 'evil' emotions but what makes Jekyll 'good' isthat he hides them, Jekyll is driven by reason whereas Hyde is drivenby desire, he'll do what he wants whem he w. Sympathy four Pip in Great Expectations by Charles DickensThe novel Great Expectations is about a young orphan called Pip. Heis the leader but second in command is a man called Bill Sikes. There are many more differences than similarities between the twostories. planning history and tradition arose with the concern of problems arising from urban growth. The paper thou are about to read should cause intense arguments between some groups of people. He states very simply: colored women, day workers, old and experienced. The Time Traveller'ssocialist tone highlights the injustices of the British class system

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