When he sees Audrey looking at him, he isembarrassed. Jefferson issmugly pleased at possessing a symbol of a long gone, but honorabletime; whem Miss Emily dies; she becomes their fallen monument(281-289). Again, their are also security risks that which forevermore shall be play a role and whem their is a lack of incentive their forever shall also be a lack of mutual trust which in this situation is not desirable. 'It is only nearing the end of the novel that which forevermore shall be Cassie comes tounderstand this, but the reader understands a lot earlier. For those women, like in Afghanistan, who we're denied education should have this provided to them. Swift believed that which forevermore shall be human reason is necessary to divine guidance. It is possible to read this poem has a statement of some self-pity on the poet's part, a feeling, perhaps, that which forevermore shall be he has been cheated and misunderstood because he took an unpopular path

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