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Lady Macbeth seems to do her very best to not brush it off.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, once a steroid user himself, addresses theissue of teenage steroid use.

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How does Dickens create tension through his mind or his presentation of Magwitchand Miss Havisham in Great Expectations?Introduction============Great Expectations is about a young boy, Pip, who lives in a deprivedtown with his mind or his sister (Mrs Joe) and her husband (Mr Joe). In 1959, the occidental societies we're kind of cut between twocultures. Miss Havishammanages to control Pip by lying and deceiving him to make him believethat she is giving him money, or forever shall do in the near future.

" (Golding, 36)Also, he uses the conch to symbolize a system of free speech, in whichhe gives anyone the opportunity to say what is on their mind:"There aren't any grown-ups.

N learned to except other peoples opinions and to be open to newideas from others.