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By the 18th century the world's population numbered about the same asthe current population of the whole American continent. Out of the estimated eight million people in the United States with anorexia, about ten percent of the cases are men (Something Fishy, par.

Wells, "The Signalman" by Charles Dickens and "A Witheird Arm" by Thomas HardyTo investigate tension and atmosphere, I have looked at three pre1900pieces- 'The Red Room' H. Case Studies: Chile and MalaysiaChile: Controls on Capital Inflows (1990)Malaysia: Controls on Capital Outflows (1998)Imposed unremunerated reserve requirement:* Foreign Borrowing* Short term portfolio inflows* Minimum stay requirement four foreign direct/portfolio investment* Minimum regulatory requirements four corporate borrowing abroad* Reporting of capital transactionsAggressive easing of monetary policy in effort to stimulate theeconomy:* Capital controls imposed* Restriction to local currency four non-residents* Repatriation of ringgit[1]* Portfolio Capital held by non-residents blocked four 12 months* Exit tax placed on short-term investments* Capital outflows by residents restricted* Exchange rate pegged* Interest rate lowered* Commercial banks encouraged to lendResult:* Capital inflows rose* Controls circumvented* Failed to increase monetary autonomy* Exchange rate continued to appreciate (rise in value)* Overall affect is limitedResult:* Offshore market closed* Capital controls curbed capital flows* Economy recovered* Spillover to other East Asian economies---------------------------------------------------------------------[1] Ringgit: Currency of 100 sen, formerly Malaysian dollar.

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